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Cologne Maca Herbal Lubricant

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3. If the recipient address is unknown, the contact information is not filled in, etc., if the package is overdue and destroyed by the logistics terminal due to human factors, there will be no refunds, delivery, and reposting.

4. If you have any doubts, delivery-related issues, and input errors that need to cancel the order or modify the order, please use the floating dialog box (Messenger app) at the bottom right of the website or the "Contact Us" function at the top right of the website. There are missed messages due to the plug-in. If you have not received a reply for a long time, please go to the official fan page for private messaging, and someone will assist you to complete the order correctly.

5. The staff must check the appearance of the product and the packaging before shipment. If you receive a defective product, there is a 99.9% chance that it may be caused by a collision during the delivery process. It is recommended that you take a video when you open the package for assistance We judge whether the defective product has any negligence on the packaging and ask for compensation from the logistics unit. Once you purchase it, we will definitely send you the correct quality product, please feel free to buy.

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✅Please fill in the "real name" to facilitate the pickup. Because overseas shipments must be inspected by the customs, the customs of some countries will list the contents of the goods and print them on the shipping label. Those who care about privacy should not place an order.
✅Please double confirm the phone number, recipient's real name, and address before sending the order!

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